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Fri, Sep 23, 2016 5:48 PM

Lightroom for mobile: Cloud storage policy

My years free trial of Photography CC (that ex Adobe Revel users received) ends in January. I quite like LrM and LrW and that Cloud Storage is progressing (but rarely use Lr Desktop and can use Photoshop from my work account).

Ideally, I'd keep LR, but the cost at full price is nearly three time that of Revel. Therefore one idea would be to renew when the discounted deals are on.

My question is, what happens to my Original Photos in the Cloud (that I uploaded from Lr Web Browser) if I leave it for a period without renewing?

Revel used to have a two year grace period if you hadn't signed in and kept them 'forever' (sigh) even if Premium account lapsed but you still signed in.

I can find that many details of the LrM Cloud policy and workings yet?


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