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Sun, Jul 22, 2018 8:59 AM


Lightroom CC mobile (Android) Automatic opening of the last imported image?

Hi, I'm using LRCC mobile on
Android tablets for portrait-shoots. My camera sends a small jpg version via a wireless file transmitter to the tablet and LR mobile imports these pictures automatically. I wrote a software that set-up the tablet with all required settings (Wifi-Hotspot, FTP-Server, IP-range, media-scan...). This all works great together, the only problem is that I would need an option in LRCC mobile that shows the last imported photo in lagre.

This is only for quick reviewing during the shoot and that my model can view the picture in large and not on the tiny camera-display. The full resolution raw is always stored on the CFast.

I hope you can see my wish. At the moment we have to go through the raster view and open manually the last imported picture for a large view. An automation of this setp would be appreciated.



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