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Mon, Feb 18, 2019 5:10 PM


Lightroom CC for mobile: Why is it not able to use cellular data AND wifi to sync your pictures?

Hey you people,

i hope I'm not the only one to find the "use cellular data" option unintuitive.

When I read that, I think:

"Okay, of course I'll use wifi to synchronize my pictures, but I also want to use cellular data, when wifi is not connected"

But unfortunately, it means:

"If you want to use cellular data to synchronize your pictures, you can't use wifi to synchronize. If you want to use wifi to synchronize your data, you have to uncheck the option "use cellular data""

When I'm at home, of course I want to use my wifi, but there are definitely several moments when I want to use my cellular date to sync some pictures on the go. Would be overelaborate to check and uncheck the option every time.

Hope you all know what I mean.

Best regards,


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2 years ago

I just checked on my iPhone and I’m able to use and wonload pictures through WiFi even when the “use cellular” functions is on.

Are you sure it.s not just the “store locally” function that’s broken?