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Wed, Jun 20, 2018 11:08 AM


Lightroom CC for mobile: More control of sync options per album

At the moment, Lightroom CC Mobile (iOS) only allows Sync Options for general, means for All Albums and Photos. It would be great to tell Lightroom CC Mobile which Album shall sync originals and wich shall only sync smart previews.

I normale separate my RAW Files into two main areas:

- RAW Files I need to develop
- Archive /Finished

For the Raw Files that need to be developed, I want to have the Originals on my iPad to have best quality available.

For the Archive, I don't need the Originals.

I know that I can download Originals, but synching would be much more comfortable.



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2 years ago

Hi Sascha, I believe this is already possible, because I use the same procedure. Default is that we have just previews and the originals are in Creative Cloud. However on the right hand side of each album you see three little dots. Tap on it and select “Store Locally”. The photos will be downloaded and a blue little icon apears to indicate the local storage. When you are done with the adjustments you “Disable Store Locally” BR Hans

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2 years ago

Hi Hans.

Yes, I saw this Features. But what it downloads depends on the global setting for Smart Previews. If they are enabled, you have not the originals, they still need to be downloaded manually for each image. What i wish ist the option to have some albums in original, some as smart previews only which synchs automatically. Or a second option for albums to download all originals for it would also work.