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Fri, Feb 22, 2019 4:31 PM


Lightroom CC for mobile (iPad) - Duplicate photo and photo location

HiI am unable to locate two features I would like to be able to use in the Lightroom CC version for iPad. The first is the ability to select a photo and create a duplicate. This is needed where I want to have two completely different version of the same photo—an easy example would be one in colour and one black and white, or two different crops of the same original photo as two new versions. The Lightroom CC version for Mac OS already has this as an option, but I cant find it in the iOS / iPad version anywhere...The second ‘missing’ feature is when viewing the information for a particular photo, where on the Mac OS version of Lightroom CC, it shows the album(s) or folders the photo belongs too, at the bottom on the Information tab for the particular photo being viewed/edited.In the Lightroom CC version for iOS iPad this location detail is missing—the information tab just shows the photos meta data (date/lens/shutter speed/etc). This makes is very hard (impossible?) to find out which album or folder a photo is stored in, once it has been located in ‘All Photos’ via a search or filter for example.Am I missing where these two features are located in Lightroom CC mobile (iOS/iPad)—or are they just not implemented yet?ThanksSimon




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2 years ago

Many features aren't implemented yet.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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7 months ago

I need this. Please make it possible