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Tue, Nov 13, 2018 11:09 AM

Lightroom CC for mobile (iOS): Good intentions but a real pain overall

Lightroom suppose to be a professional app, though a lot of the basic features a professional needs to use it as a professional tool are not included, such as color profile selection, dimension and resolution selection when exported, when exporting be able to select the type of file extension (jpeg, tiff, psd etc), a descent file manager to erase, move or batch tasks and so on.When I import something to the mobile apps, it ́s like a jail, the freedom that my iPad Pro gives me it ́s blocked by this. Obviously I cant trust adobe iOS apps to use it as a professional tools because they are more like toys than real professional solutions. Sometimes I don ́t get Adobe, why invest so many resources, time and so on, on things that don ́t benefit the core user/customer. You already know that professional users need this. Why you don’t gives us that then?


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2 y ago

Same thought a frw day back when I wrote my issue with full Raw files export.

Time after time Adobe is not listening to the user they are targeting.
There are no more excuses left to blame it to slow IPads or Apple closed OS and yet still they don’t wanted to deliver a real product.
Is like they not even interested in that themself. Like its a toy project for few elite developers, to whom managenent can’t say no to.

I wonder how they will screwd up upcoming PS for iPad ?

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2 y ago

I love LR on my iPad pro. Ive not touched Classic for months. Each to his/her own, and i agree there are a lot of things missing, but i dont agree it cant be used for professional use. i do and im very happy with it.

Just move on and use something better if you can find it. Adobe are doing a good job, and cant pander to everyone.