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Mon, Mar 18, 2019 3:38 PM


Lightroom CC for mobile: If My Subscription Expires, Will I Lose Access to My Synced Presets on Mobile?

I haven't been using my desktop version of LR CC, so I am planning on letting my subscription run out. I do, however, use the free mobile version of LR CC to edit my mobile photos. When my subscription expires, will I lose the ability to use the already synced presets on the mobile version of the software, or will they remain? Thank you.


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2 years ago

Greetings Tim,

Presets will remain on your mobile device after the subscription ends.  However, if you uninstall the app for any reason or move to a different device, you will lose them.  Additionally, if you add a second device on the same Adobe ID, the presets will not sync to the second device. 
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a year ago

It would be more helpful if the presets sync with the Adobe ID



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If you have a subscription, they will. It's just the free version that doesn't sync.

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