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Mon, Feb 11, 2019 12:42 AM


Lightroom CC for mobile: I would like a toggle switch that prohibits editing

I like to share photographs using my iPad or iPhone. I do this via the sync function. When people are browsing through my photographs they don’t necessarily know the Lightroom app. Inevitably someone will push a button that takes them to edit mode. I wou,d like to be able to prevent this. Could you provide a switch that prohibits editing via CC Mobile?


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2 years ago

Why not share to Lightroom web and share that link?

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2 years ago

I'll second this request. I often do a quick search for a photo in LR mobile and then hand my phone to someone else for them to view the album. Why not share to web? Because that requires good internet, whereas the album may be cached offline in the mobile app.

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