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Sun, Dec 30, 2018 8:56 AM

Lightroom CC for mobile: How do I save/retrieve a preview of photo?

I'm new to Lightroom CC for Mobile and am using it on an Android phone.
When I click a picture using the inbuilt Camera of the app, the viewfinder and the clicked picture review usually show up all tweaked and very colourful but the actual file that is saved on the phone is the basic file which is without any tweaks and pretty dull. 
I'd like to know how to access this tweaked picture and subsequently save it as it, at most times, creates a beautiful end result which I can barely replicate with the tools in the app.

Examples are below of what I'm trying to figure out:
The first image is the preview of a picture I just clicked. This is how it looks in the viewfinder prior to capturing it and it looks exactly the same as what was seen in the viewfinder immediately after capturing the image. I can retrieve it by touching the picture thumbnail that shows up to the left of the big blue camera button inside the app screen

Once I exit the camera screen, I get to access the original picture from my Lightroom folder section, but there the image shows up without any of the tweaks that were there in the preview. This is what the original image looks like when retrieved from the saved files section inside the Lightroom pictures gallery.

I'd greatly appreciate if somebody can help me figure out how to save that tweaked preview image that I see immediately after taking a picture.


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