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Wed, Nov 14, 2018 11:12 AM

Lightroom CC for mobile: Auto Mask and Apple Pencil 2 support


I want to use (am testing at the moment) lightroom mobile (newest version) on my brand new iPadPro 2018 11'' with Apple Pencil 2.

I found out that:

there is no AutoMask feature in lightroom mobile (iPad)
I think with new iPadPro and ApplePencil2 it would make sence to add AutoMask feature in lightroom mobile (iOS)

Apple Pencil 2 support ok in the beginning but lighgtroom recognizes ApplePencil Inputs as well as touching by finger/hand at same time.
Complicated if I touch screen with hand when editing with ApplePencil.

Does Adobe plan to implement better iPad/Apple Pencil support for lkightroom mobile in near future?

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Lightroom Mobile: Auto Mask and Apple Pencil 2


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2 y ago

I am surprised to hear that LR CC does support the Apple üencil???!!! I own one and found it to be the most useless piece of equipment since - at least on y iPad Pro it does NOT work with LR CC