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Tue, Mar 26, 2019 7:16 AM


Lightroom CC for mobile: Allow change of image ICC Profile (color space) after export to Display P3 on iPhone 7 (LR Mobile v 4.2.0)

Hello! Just noticed that image color space is changing to Display P3 after edit and export from Lightroom mobile. As a result, it is washed out colors when clients post images on the web in sRGB.


Meanwhile after exporting the same image from the desktop version of Lightroom CC sRGB color space is preserved.


Dear Lightroom team could you fix this issue and allow us to save images in sRGB? For now, it looks very non-professional. For example Photoshop Express mobile and other iOS apps export images in sRGB color space.


Thank you!


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a year ago

I noticed that either. So what I do now is to import in Photoshop Express again from Lightroom Mobile and when I save the color management is fine.