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Wed, Oct 3, 2018 9:43 AM

It seems that Lightroom for iOS will only sync photos when scrolling.

Lightroom for iOS will not automatically sync all photos from the cloud. I have 40.000 photos, which I would want to pre-fetch, so it's easier to find specific photos on slow connections. Apparently the only way to sync photos, is by scrolling manually, and wait for each screen to download, until scrolling further.

The cloud icon would indicate that it is currently syncing, but nothing happens.

"Prevent from sleep" seems to have no function, as it doesn't download while not sleeping anyway.

I don't have access to an Android to verify if it behaves the same way.


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2 years ago


One way to Prefetch: 

In Albums view, you can tap the  [...] icon to the right of the Album and set it Store Locally.  This will download a version for you to use quickly or when you are offline. 

Normally, images aren't downloaded until you need them. You tell Lightroom CC for mobile that you need them by touching them in some way. The Store Locally option allows you to bypass the need to touch them.

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