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Wed, Feb 14, 2018 3:06 PM


Image-based Watermark on Lightroom CC mobile, Collection-Export

Luckily one of the updates of LRCC mobile last year added a text-based watermark-feature. But what about a image-based watermark, like on the desktop-versions? I still miss this feature...
Also i would like to export more than 15 picutres at once... it‘s frustrating if you have about 200 pictures to export... I‘ve started to work with LR on my mac years ago but for mobility i bought a ipad pro and use LRCC on it. works pretty well, but some improvements are need to be done. I would be happy to see a full-functional LR on the iPad soon.

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3 years ago

Vote for more than 15 images at a time here by clicking me too.

This topic is still open as a request to add image based watermarks:

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