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Mon, Mar 4, 2019 1:50 AM

draw on image

Am I missing something (very likely), or can I really NOT draw on an image?? No brush, tool, anything to simply draw a circle around something in an image??? If not...... that's a tool available in the most basic of editing programs, how is it not a feature included in what is supposed to be an advanced/superior program?? Would like it to be added as an "idea" to be considered if it's truly just not here. I've downloaded both lightroom & express.... can't find it. Searched FAQ... can't find it. Super frustrated.

Using a Chromebook, which has limited compatibility with some of the photo tool/photo edit apps at this point. I'm sure that will evolve & has come a long way.. this isn't a compatibility thing, though, this is a "doesn't exist" or "can't find it" thing... my options are far more limited on this Chromebook vs my phone. My pictures will sync if I did it on my phone, I'd certainly prefer to do work on my Chromebook if that's what I'm using.. not need to stop to go use some app on my phone. Thanks


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2 years ago

In LR mobile: there a brush tool for edits, but you cannot paint or whatsoever. This is normal since LR is a cataloging and devloping solution.

I don't know about PS Express, but if it's the case, it doesn't surprise me... They should come with a real PS version on mobile in 2019.

You can export jpegs to another app like Skitch if you want to annotate them.

If you want real edits, you'll want to use something like Affinity, but I don't think you will be able to export raws to any other software ;-)