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Fri, Sep 14, 2018 7:09 PM


Depth Map Support and RAW

The synced Lightroom presets I use are made for RAW image files, so I shoot in RAW format on my mobile device whenever possible and edit the photos in Lightroom for mobile. But, I also love shooting in "Portrait Mode" (iPhone feature) or Lightroom's Depth Map mode which creates a blurred background.

Wondering if it will be possible to shoot in RAW while using the depth map feature at a later point in time.


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9 months ago

Does depth map shooting really anything to make the background more blurry? As far as I understood it only creates a depth map that is invisible in the picture but you can use it to select parts depending on the depth in selective edits. But yeah I would also like to see that in raw plus depth selection in Lightroom on iPad as well