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Tue, Jan 7, 2020 5:36 PM


Caption Suggestion

Lightroom Mobile is almost a perfect replacement for photojournalists in the field. Following the update that allowed for customized file naming/structure (Thank you to whoever worked on that issue!), I decided to try it again on a recent assignment. However, I found the captioning field and keywording section wanting.

I would suggest a tool to batch caption/keyword all images, similar to the copy/paste tool for color and light settings. I would also like to recommend that the text field in captioning be expanded to an expanded textbox rather than a one-line textbox.

When working on my previous assignment I made a generic caption and keyword field in the notes app (working off of an ipad pro) and then pasted it individually into each image I was filing. However, when I went to add information to the captions (specific names more detail) I had a terrible experience and lost time by having to scroll through from the back of the caption box to the top of the field.

When I checked the exported images the formatting was also broken. I leave spaces between graphs and a space between my attribution tag. In my exported files from LR Mobile everything was in one continuous graph which I then needed to fix on my laptop before I could file properly.

I have been a longtime user of Lightroom, I switched over from Aperture when adobe first released it. I rely on Lightroom for all of my work and was thrilled when Mobile first came on to the scene. I now feel that Mobile can outperform LR Classic/Desktop but for it to truly be a replacement for working professionals on deadline this captioning/keywording issue needs to be sorted out. I'd be happy to discuss the issue with a rep or developer and give more detailed examples.

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