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Fri, Jul 12, 2019 8:35 AM

Can’t use premium, and I am still paying for it

I payed for Lightroom Premium, and i used it for like 2 weeks, but now it alway logs out, and when I sign in, I can’t see my photos, and when I tra to use e.g. the selective tool, it says that i have to pay and upgrade. So I always click on the “upgrade” button but then it says: you already have this subscription, do you want to cancel it? What should I do?


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2 years ago

This sounds like you may have logged in with an ID that is not associated with your subscription.  For instance, the email that you are using in this forum is not associated with an active subscription -- it looks like you may have recently logged in with that.  Please log out of Lightroom and try signing in with the ID you used when you paid and things were working.