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Wed, Mar 7, 2018 9:15 AM


Better integration on iOS with image providers other than camera roll

I sync my images (e.g. from Android phone) using Google Photos. I want to use Lightroom Mobile on iPad. Currently on iOS there doesn't seem to be a direct sharing option either way between Google Photos and Lightroom Mobile, not as export from GPh to LRM and not as import from GPh while using LRM. There used to be a Lightroom sharing extension available to Google Photos under "Open with", but no longer as of last week. Both LRM and GPh were updated, not sure which update broke the sharing.

So now the only way to open an image from Google Photos in Lightroom Mobile on iOS is to save the image to camera roll first in Google Photos, then in Lightroom Mobile import it from camera roll. A hassle, and leaving me with triple copies of my images, and having to buy redundant cloud storage space. Better integration with image providers such as Google Photos is number one on my wish list for Lightroom Mobile. Please make direct import possible, or make sure your share extension is compatible with & used by image apps such as Google Photos.


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3 years ago

I think it would be pretty helpful to have that in Lightroom as well, as I use a completely mobile editing workflow right now. Only problem is no matter what you would still have 2 copies because you’d have one in google photos and one in Lightroom’s creative cloud storage. What type of camera do you shoot with? I might be able to help a little