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Tue, Dec 31, 2019 2:20 PM

Add DUPLICATE PHOTO to Lightroom mobile

How is it possibile that a basic, very basic feature like the possibility to duplicate a photo inside my library in Lightroom CC mobile (for iPad for example) is still not available??? This is absurd. We need this feature for example for editing the same photo in different way, now every time I have to go on my Mac, duplicate the photo (because the desktop version of Lightroom cc allows it. Even more absurd) and the edit it on the iPad. We are not talking about a free version app here.......

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1 y ago

Absolutely! I just bought an ipad pro to edit weddings in so I can be around my family more and just found out that its not possible to make a virtual copy. Like what?! Thats a massive part of my editing. I give the clients a lot of black and white images but still have to give them the original colored version. This makes using the ipad extremely frustrating.