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Wed, Nov 21, 2018 1:36 PM


Ability to allow download of HD files from web collections


I’m using extensively web collections/lightroom mobile to share my work with my customers through links to collections (collections from lightroom classic made public) . Unfortunately, I am using this feature only as a « display » tool as if I’m opening the collection for downloads, the download is by default in an approx 2000 px long edge jpeg format, and I did not find anywhere how to modify this (to allow download in HD)

If we had the ability to chose in which format the customer can download the files directly from the gallery web link (jpeg, tiff, etc and pixels, dimensions ), that would be really, really helpful. Even if it is only possible in jpeg, at least if we could give the customer the ability to upload the pics in HD that would be a great improvement.

For now, I need to export my files in HD, and then use wetransfer software to transfer the files to my customers, which is slowing down a lot my workflow as a photographer (when it could be so easier if the customer can do it directly from the link of the lightroom web gallery ...).

Thanks in advance


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