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Sun, Oct 22, 2017 8:41 PM

Twitter-only support on launch weekend = Serious Problem.

I've gone from "cautious optimism" to "seriously, seriously annoyed customer" over about the last hour. All of which has been spent looking at a spinning wheel instead of my pictures. 

Why, on the weekend that a brand new software package was launched, is there no telephone or live chat support availability? 


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3 years ago

An overall poor execution from Adobe. 

Branding/product confusion (it certainly wasn't clear to the customers even if the strategy is clear to Adobe). Lack of support and customer care (we are paying premium prices for what should be a premium product and service). The volume of issues/problems reported by users since the launch says it all. 

Tracking the user problems by following this forum has been the most valuable Adobe experience for me because it has helped me to come to the decision not to upgrade to either LR Classic or LR CC until the issues have been resolved. 

Import issues (e.g. taking hours or more or not at all), crashing, corrupt databases, slow performance (e.g. develop module performance, HDR merge), UI issues (e.g. sliders not scaling to fit on screen) - all of these issues need addressing. 

I'll be keeping my eye out for the next release before I hit upgrade. 

BTW - I have no intention of installing LR CC until there is feature parity between CC and Classic and a more fit for purpose pricing model is devised.