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Tue, Feb 13, 2018 10:07 AM


Lightroom web: Inconsistent sort order in Shared Collection via Public Link

I'm having problems with the sort order in Shared Collections via Public Link: the photo order is just a mess. They seems to appear in the order in which the photos were added to the Shared Collection.

I'd like to keep them usually by Capture Time, sometimes in Custom Order.

But, currently they seem to be sorted by Added Order based not on when imported to Lightroom but when added to the Shared Collection.

It's a pain not to have control in which order a client sees the photos.

This has to change.

Give the photographer the possibility to control the order in which photos appear in Shared Collections via Public Link. At least let us choose by Capture Time.


Using Lightroom CC 2015.14 and Lightroom CC on iOS.

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3 years ago

I have the same problem when importing images from my SD-cards. particularly when I want to add ,sa, hundreds of new pics from a card containing also older pics which I had previously downloaded. pictures get mixed up, but I haven't found a way to correct this mess. new images all over the place

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3 years ago

I find that when I share a collection, the sort order that the viewer gets is either "capture time" or "custom order" (the latter only if set in the collection at the time it is shared). One oddity (which may be a bug) is that if I share using custom order, that order is respected when viewing using web view, but if I then reverse the order in the browser, I get reversed capture time, not reversed custom order.

But I've not been able to create a scenario where the images appear in some random haphazard order.