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Tue, Jul 26, 2016 3:30 PM

Lightroom for Apple TV Released

Today we’re proud to introduce the newest member of the Lightroom family: Lightroom for Apple TV.

Our goal has always been to make Lightroom the one solution that you use to enjoy your photography, anywhere and to let you share your photos with anyone, anywhere, with the best possible quality. Now, with Lightroom for Apple TV that goal has become a reality on the big screen. Wow your friends, family, and clients with your favorite photos, in the comfort of your home or studio.

Complete information can be found at the Lightroom Journal.

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4 years ago

"Lightroom the one solution that you use to enjoy your photography, anywhere and to let you share your photos with anyone, anywhere, with the best possible quality. "
Yet I can only make a photo book/album using Blurb from Lightroom.

While I appreciate the effort and will look into the Apple TV app, it would be nice that the marketing slogans used to promote the app could be applied to Lightroom universally.

Many of us have been begging to create books in Lightroom that we can do exactly as you describe ... use a single solution that we can print anywhere in order to achieve the best possible quality ... the response to those requests has been stone silence. Why is that?


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Very Thanks

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3 years ago

Tried out Lightroom for Apple TV this week as means for our family to "enjoy our photography" on our TV. Seemed a logical option since we use LR for all our photos. Experience is better than the Flickr app (ultimately too buggy for consideration). Need to try a few more apps/services to see if any offer the experience we want.

A few suggestions for LR on Apple TV:
  1. For landscape-oriented photos, increase long-side size of smart previews from 2540 to 3840 - to take full advantage of 4K TVs and 4K capable Apple TV.
  2. Do something so we can watch videos stored in Lightroom on the TV. Maybe this means background-rendering videos that sync to the cloud. Maybe it means using home network to connect directly to LR desktop catalog (computer must be on). I'm sure you can figure it out.
  3. Allow cloud sync to be aware of collection nesting, so organization on TV matches that in the app - instead of being totally flat.

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3 years ago

Firing up Lightroom takes forever (minutes) to load the initial Collections and thumbnails. That has to improve before LR on Apple TV being anywhere enjoyable and wow anyone.

I do like the idea of reviewing my picks for a shoot on a big TV but when the app takes minutes to load just the first Collections and their thumbnails I just can't bare sitting there waiting. The most recent Collections should appear instantly while the rest can load in the background.

I'm having 500 Synced Collections.

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a month ago

One of the last posts from 3 year’s ago from Adobe said they would consider modifications to the slide duration in the slideshow. Having the ability to et a custom time would be wonderful. Has this gone anywhere as I only see fast, medium and slow and slow seems to change over every 7 seconds. Not exactly slow.