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Sun, Oct 28, 2018 4:22 PM

Lightroom Family of Products Category Changes

Effective with Sunday, October 28, 2018, we’ve changed a few of the categories used by our customers when tagging their posts on this forum.  We’ve added a new category called ”Lightroom CC for Web”. This new category will be the correct place for issues concerning the web-based Lightroom interface found at  In addition, cloud/server-based features will be categorized here.  Other categories have been renamed to make their descriptions clearer.

A Summary of the Lightroom family categories:

Lightroom CC Ecosystem

  • Lightroom CC for Desktop
  • Lightroom CC for Mobile Devices
  • Lightroom CC for Web (new)
  • Lightroom CC for Apple TV

Lightroom Classic CC (Includes Lightroom versions 1.x - current and CC2015.x)

Some issues, involving more than one client, may be correctly tagged with multiple Lightroom family clients. As we come across Lightroom for Web topics, we will be posting them with the new tag. 
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2 years ago

Thanks for the update Rikk.  Can I make a request that Adobe consider adding another word to  Lightroom CC to save confusion on web searches (including Adobe's own site) with Lightroom Classic CC, e.g. Lightroom Neo CC?