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Thu, Feb 7, 2019 7:58 PM


ability to produce animation from the history steps in Lightroom

I need a way to produce an animated GIF of what I did while developing/editing a certain photo in Lightroom. In another word, if there is a tools that record every step in my photo editing history into a sequence of photos? Considering the history steps as a keyframes? and produce the result as animated GIF or MP4 or sequence of Images.

at least it will be pretty fine if we could export all history steps as a stacked  layers into photoshop.

I have just created an animated GIF of what I mean using a screen recorder over the Navigation pane in lightroom, while I navigate using my mouse through the history. it's quite good but it have a couples of disadvantages like the resolution quality is very poor, the dimension of the preview is very low and cant control fixing timing between each step in the developed history.

please check the link


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2 years ago

You could create a virtual copy of each step and then use the slideshow function to export at the desired framerate.

I don't excepct the dev team to work on this request, however; it's too specific :/