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Tue, Oct 24, 2017 6:08 AM


Wish I could chose to not sync "delete" actions with local backup storage.

We should have a button in the sync options to not sync "delete" actions with local storage. Otherwise, we lose the concept of a true archive. This is not saving time or storage but actually creating the need for more (a second copy of my DB) on my hard drive.


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4 y ago

I can see your point. As we then need to manually back up the local storage. What would you suggest happens with the archive if you delete folders? At some point you want it to reflect the library?



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4 y ago

So you want to delete photos from Lightroom CC but not delete them from the hard drive? What do you intend to later do with these deleted local copies? If you still want them, why would delete them from Lightroom?

I have a couple of ideas of solutions for you, but I need to understand a little more.

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