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Sun, Jul 11, 2021 7:42 PM

Why was my post closed?

I created a post asking if there is a plan for the future to support for Lightroom on Linux and the post was closed. Is Linux a bad word here?


Answering @cletus_lee: How do you know that Adobe Linux user base is not big enough if Linux is not officially supported? You should support it natively, and then you can have a conclusion.

Also, I can't see any uservoice.com for Lightroom, so you will never know how many people wish native Adobe Linux apps.




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13 d ago

Your  post was merged with another similar post (opened a long time ago)  If you go to the earlier post, you will find a lot more discussion of your issue. 

Windows users make up ~75% of the Personal Computer market.  MacOS users about 10%.  LINUX users ~2%. Of that 2% and even smaller number would be interested in purchasing a subscription to Adobe Product.  Most Open Source user do not have a big interest in purchasing commercial software. 

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@cletus_lee If you close posts deliberately, at least link it with the one I can at least reply.

If you talk about the PC market including gamers, retired people, illegal-windows-copy-users the percentage looks a lot different.

Also, because Adobe dos not support Linux, users are forced to get Windows/Mac. Why is this too difficult to understand ?

You should consider people that works with software. And if you care about what user wants, you should give the possibility to vote what features they would like to see.

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Try this. There are several other threads as well... https://community.adobe.com/t5/download-install/adobe-linux-support-and-the-linux-foundation/m-p/10849491

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Click the link in the top post on this thread and it shows you the link to where your post was moved.