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Wed, Nov 21, 2018 3:21 PM

Why is Lightroom CC isolated from other Adobe apps?

I can't place a photo from Lightroom CC easily in any other app except edit it in Photoshop. Even the export functionality is kind of counter intuitive and clunky.

This seems opposite to the whole culture of integrated creative workflows.
I take a great photo or buy in some stock photography, I want to give it some treatment or prepare it in Lightroom then combine it in pretty much every other app Illustrator, Indesign, XD, AfterEffects and so on.

But I have to weirdly 'share/save to' outside the app and then import it manually back into whatever artwork I'm designing.

Is there a logic is this a silo product for Photographers only?


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2 years ago

I agree and have been unhappy about that for years.