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Fri, Oct 20, 2017 3:37 AM

What is the point of this software?

I would love someone from Adobe to answer this question- What is the point of this software?
It don't see LR catalogue, it creates its own new.
I can't see or/and use any of my plugins.
I was looking for a reason to switch (read stop using) Adobe products and this gives me extra reason.
This software will show any mac user what big of mistake he is making by not using Apple native Photos which BTW see all system plugins and except for lens correction gives me all the same correction options.
Speaking of lens correction- it still don't have automatic correction for most of my cameras and lenses, and though i realize that adobe will not adjust for me personally, there are plenty of options to use that dose have my camera and lens in there database.


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3 years ago

I would think it is to appeal to a broader base of photographer, to give a simpler option of Lightroom, to provide Cloud Storage and to develop an ecosystem that cuts many of the Catalog sync problems between Classic and Mobile.

It isn’t suitable for the majority of Pros yet, sure but it’s only Version 1.

You don’t have to use it.

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3 years ago

and I won't use it.  And I do not even need LR classic to be quite honest.  LR mobile is broken just like CC - So thanks for letting me off the hook about using it.  I have a feeling that for me and others there are a lot of other options out there.  Hmmmm!  Snapseed, Affinity, Polarr, and more for the Ipad Pro and for the Desktop well, let's see.  On1 Photo Raw, Picktorial 3.0, Iridient, Luminar, and many more for less money and more capability.  So again thanks for telling me not to use it.

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LR Mobile is broken how? I've used it on both iOS and Android and it works quite well for my needs. (Though iOS is somewhat slower uploading for whatever reason, in my tests)

I've enjoyed on1, but found luminar to be a total disaster :( 
Affinity too, on desktop at least