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Tue, Oct 15, 2019 1:01 AM

Tutorial: Move Proxies/Smart Previews

These instructions demonstrate how to use an undocumented feature to move proxies/SmartPreviews from the OS drive to a designated alternate drive and path.

[This tutorial was inexplicably marked as
spam on the forum :-/ ]

Tutorial: How to Store Proxies in Alternate Location in Lightroom CC Desktop
Oct 05, 2019

The following instructions are intended only for advanced users who are comfortable editing text-based configuration files. You should not expect help from Adobe if you choose to enable this undocumented feature; the developers are probably still testing it before enabling it for normal users. Proceed at your own risk.

Scenario: I am using Lightroom CC Desktop on a Windows 10 laptop (Surface Book). This laptop has a 256 GB O/S SSD, a 500 GB USB external SSD, and a 6 TB USB external HDD.

By default, Lightroom only offers to save smart preview files to my C: partition ("Store a copy of all smart previews locally on "C:". I wanted to move the previews to an alternate location. Today, while trying to fix a sync issue, I stumbled upon FileManagementSettings.lrpref. In this file, I discovered that the developers have helpfully created an undocumented feature to specify an alternate location for the previews.

- Close Lightroom CC if it is running.
- In Explorer, go to your intended proxy destination and create a folder.
-In Explorer, go to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom CC\Data\user
-Copy FileManagementSettings.lrpref to FileManagementSettings.lrpref.bak
-Open FileManagementSettings.lrpref in your favorite text editor
-Note the format of the variables with "Original" in the name.
-Observe the helpful list of local drives at the bottom of the file under "_volumeReadableIdentifiers".
-Change _keepAllProxies to true.
-Copy the GUID of your new proxy location from the list at the bottom into _proxyStorageVolumeGuid
-Set _relativeProxyStorageLocation to the relative path from the root of drive your referenced as _proxyStorageVolumeGuid, noting the two backslashes at the beginning of the path "\\".
-Save your new preference file.
-Start Lightroom CC.
-Observe the moving file dialog with the upside-down Lr symbol (probably intentional to designate that the feature is unpublished).

For now on, after doing a significant import or sync, you will want to restart Lightroom Desktop so that it can move your proxies to the new location.


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