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Sun, Jun 9, 2019 5:23 PM

Show My Photos panel and the Info panel simultaneously

I would greatly prefer if the "My Photos" panel would operate independently from the "Info" panel.  When I click on "Info", it opens a new panel, but causes "My Photos" (the library icon) to close.  I would like the ability to have both of these open simultaneously.  It causes me a tremendous amount of back and forth clicking being only able to have one or the other. 


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2 y ago

Preferences>Interface Tab> Change the "Panel Tracks" setting to "Manual", which allows you to control the panels manually, and thus independently.

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2 m ago

With the new update I'm no longer able to keep my Photos (left-hand) and Edit (right-hand) pane open at the same time. (When I open one, the other closes.) This is a bummer as I generally like to work with both open, editing photos across many albums! Was this intentional? If so, why?

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Lightroom Desktop: No longer allowed to use Photos and Edit/Info/etc panes at the same time?