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Mon, Sep 3, 2018 11:25 AM

Scrolling is terribly choppy on Desktop Version (Macbook Pro 2017 15") - Please fix

Dear Adobe,

I love the new Lightroom CC, it is seriously awesome. One thing that needs a immediate fix, tough, is the scrolling performance - it is super choppy. Please make it smoother, this would add a lot in terms of usability and performance perception. 

Thank you!


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2 years ago

I just scrolled through 8000 images on a 2018 MacbookPro and experienced a pretty smooth scroll. 

Can you get us some system information? 
OS version
Specs (RAM, CPU, etc)
Installed Lightroom version (Help>System Info...
Number of images in catalog
Type of grid used: Square or Photo?
External monitors attached?
Time since restart?
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I think Simon is complaining about the same issue everybody has. The scrolling is not smooth at all on all retina displays. Be it a macbook or the latest specked out iMac 5K. 

When you scroll using the touchpad or Apple mouse (using inertia scrolling) it is not iPhone smooth. and you need to wait for the previews to show up, which does not happen in Apple photos, for example.

I hope the announecements about dropping older OS versions (due to hardware support, presumably) in the next update, which is due on Adobe MAX has something to do with it and we will finally get smooth scrolling.

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It's not the PC, it's how the application is programmed

We're asking for Adobe to implement the same scrolling used by Apple Photos, Google Chrome, MS Office, Spotify... really most mainstream apps can scroll 1 pixel at a time. Adobe is a big name missing from this list.

When I scroll in an adobe app, the content jumps 5 or so pixels at a time. That seems to be the smallest increment of scrolling defined in the application. It looks ugly and makes the application feel sluggish even if it's performing well by other measures

test it yourself: scroll as slow as you can using the trackpad or magic mouse - observe how this looks in finder, or Google Chrome, or MS Word, or Spotify. Now tab over and do the same in lightroom - chop chop chop, your content will jump several pixels at a time.