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Sun, Dec 3, 2017 6:49 PM

Removing/modifying our image filenames is a "bigly" bad idea :)

You cannot use willy nilly database nonsense to choose filenames that make no sense and cannot even be accessed anywhere in Lightroom CC desktop that I can tell.

What exactly is the executive decision to remove access to filenames on your part supposed to accomplish?  I need to correlate an image in the cloud to one on my computer and you have
removed this capability!!!!!!!! 

Furthermore when I uploaded some images to the cloud it managed to screw most of them up in the first go! So not only do you take away filenames, if your "cloud solution" cannot handle sync
why should we rely on Lightroom CC to manage our ORIGINAL images correctly?

This is the most basic and critical feature here and it screwed up right off the bat.  Lightroom Classic was unable to sync after using Lightroom CC and this is described by Adobe documentation to be "seamless".

Thus this app is USELESS for many users and probably almost all professional photographers.

Lightroom CC for the desktop is terrible. You are trying to "shoe-horn" an app into the cloud that simply does not handle files correctly.

Please rethink that decision. It makes no sense.




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3 years ago

Lightroom CC wasn't designed for Professional Photographers. It was designed, in part, for those who needed something a little less arduous than the professional program, Lightroom. 

My recommendation to you is to stick with Lightroom Classic CC. It contains the control you desire and it appears Lightroom CC is not a good fit for your workflow. Is there a compelling reason why you want to use CC instead of Classic CC?