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Mon, Oct 26, 2020 5:41 PM

Post update Lightroom bugs!

Since the new Lightroom update a couple of days ago, I am having some significant issues.

The main issue is with pasting settings to groups. I can right-click copy the settings fine. When I highlight a group of photos and right-click paste, only a few will be pasted, then the process freezes. I have to shut LR and reopen to make the process stop. This is happening every time, not randomly.

The smaller issue I noticed is when I am cropping a photo, it doesn't reflect on the display images. I click the crop button to leave cropping, and the photo looks uncropped. However, the image has in fact been cropped successfully. If I export it, or if I shut LR and reopen it, the cropped photo shows up.

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Lightroom Desktop: paste settings on multiple photos freezes before completing


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8 m ago

Please see: https://feedback.photoshop.com/conversations/lightroom-desktop-cloudbased/crop-problem-after-updting-lightroom-cloud-vers-oktober-2020/5f901803917fbb3a9931ca8e 

for the crop bug.

I am merging this thread into the authoritative post for the Copy/Paste bug.