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Wed, Oct 21, 2020 3:10 PM


Please bring back the 16x10 crop format in Lightroom Desktop Cloud.

I recently discovered that the 16x10 standard crop size is useful for creating side-by-side 10x8 posts on Instagram. This was removed on the latest update. The 1x2 size is helpful for creating side-by-side square posts, but most of the time I prefer the 10x8 format. Please bring this back. :) This would also be helpful on Lightroom mobile.  Thank you!


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a month ago

It seems like the 16x10 crop feature has been removed from Lightroom 4.0. It was present in previous versions of Lightroom up until this update. Please put it back (or even better, allow specifying custom aspect ratios like in Photoshop).

Lightroom version: 4.0 X64

Operating system: macOS
OS Version: 10.15

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Lightroom 4.0- 16x10 crop

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5 days ago

I agree, I use it for scrolling side-by-side picture posts on instagram. Unless I absolutely need to do some serious blemish or artefact editing on Photoshop I prefer my workflow to export straight from LRCC in the required crop size. If it isn't too much effort to at least add in the ratios previously removed from LRCC, can developers consider adding custom ratios entries such as in photoshop?