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Sat, Apr 27, 2019 12:32 PM


People head view

I only used Lightroom Classic for a short period of time, but since moving to Lightroom CC, one of the things I missed is when looking at a person in People in Classic, you would see their head views.  For me, this quickly allows me to see where facial recognition incorrectly categorize someone.  I don't see a way to show this in Lightroom CC.  When I click on a person in LCC it shows all the photos that the person is tag, however, this isn't always correct.  For example, when I clicked on my son's name, there are 3 photos of him and I that look very similar because they were taken only seconds apart.  One would assume that the facial recognition for his face would be the same, but it wasn't, the middle picture was incorrect because the AI tagged me with his name.  But I wouldn't know this if I was just looking at the 3 pictures assuming that the tagging was correct because "he" was in all 3 pictures.  It's not until I individually view the photos and hover my mouse over his name that I see the face as incorrect.  I found many instances like this in my catalog with mixed up faces, mostly with photos of my families, and especially with my 2 nephews and I think the AI's algorithm for recognizing their faces is "messed up".  Now I have to go thru my whole catalog clicking on each individual photos and hoving my mouse over the name to ensure all the faces are tag correctly for each person.  This is a long process because I maybe looking at a photo 5 or 6 times all over again if there are 5 or 6 people in the photo that I need to verify their name and face are a match!

Please create a head view for individual in People similar to that of Lightroom Classic.  The facial recognition so far isn't all that great so I need a quick way to quickly recognize incorrect tagging for individual without viewing every single photo and hoving over their names.

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