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Fri, Dec 22, 2017 4:41 PM

Not buying cloud based anything.

I'm not interested in buying cloud-based apps with a subscription for the same reason I don't purchase ebooks anymore - I don't believe my purchases should expire and cease to work as they did when originally purchased. 


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3 years ago

I understand. In the other hand, you have regularly OS update that are probably automatically done by you computer. And it can occur that sometimes there are some evolutions, adaptations, to be done on the application software in view to to make them still usable.
So what?

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I agree with the original post.  I finally surrendered to the cloud and updated my LR cloud version per it's instructions "update".  Now I'm in hell and my LR won't open.  Aren't I paying for a service to give me the updated version with all the bugs worked out???  And now here I sit on a Friday night with no support through the holiday weekend.



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Dailyn, although Adobe's closed, many of us are still around. Create a new "problem" thread and include all the information we can (which LR version you think you should be running, which OS, what happens when you try to open) and we'll do what we can to get you up and running again.

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3 years ago

My eBooks don't expire. My Toronto Public Library eBooks are always available and my Kindle Books are the same as they were when I bought them. I also use music subscription services and the tracks are always available both on my computer and in the cloud  I am old and old school but the cloud subscription model (and here I am thinking especially Lightroom) means I no longer have to fork out a large initial subscription and my software is kept up to date and can be re-downloaded anytime.