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Sun, Nov 18, 2018 4:09 PM


No longer possible to edit LR files in PS CC after last update

After the very last  PS update, I can no longer edit images coming from LR. For instance, I cannot duplicate layer, all menus are grayed, I cannot stamp it to other workable one, etc. If I open that image directly from PS all works fine.  It also works right in my desktop which I did not update.
Adobe Photoshop Version: 20.0.1 20181029.r.41 2018/010/29: 1197484  x64

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2 years ago

preliminary solution:

First start Photoshop - then Bridge

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2 years ago

Strange. I just tested on my Windows 10 machine with Lightroom 8.0 and Photoshop 20.0.1, and I can do all of what you can't do - if I use the panels. The menus are gray, but the panels are working. 

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2 years ago

I have the same problem.
Just open Photoshop before editing from LR. No need to open Bridge.
Hopefully ADOBE is going to correct that annoying bug.