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Tue, Nov 21, 2017 11:53 PM

Needed Lightroom CC Functions

Would like to use Lightroom CC as a standalone product but the organizational tools are lacking. When will you add: 1) ability to convert native Raw to DNG, 2) Edit file name, 3)edit creation date, 4) Sort by file name across all devices, 5) create custom sorts 6) offer at least an auto complete function with existing key words so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel?


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3 years ago

NAS support!!!

Adobe Administrator


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3 years ago

These are all great ideas! Post them as separate ideas (one per post) so other members can vote on them. That's how new features are considered for updates.




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3 years ago


Feature requests are best entered as a “one feature request per post” method. Adobe accumulates votes on individual feature requests and follows the commentary on each. When you combine feature requests in a single post, it brings down the vote total and dilutes its impact. 

Additionally, many requests made have been made before, and consolidating your feature(s) with those, request strengthens everyone’s cause. When there are multiple requests in a single post, we cannot combine them to join your collective voices. 
Please consider separating your feature requests into individual posts.