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Wed, Jan 9, 2019 4:31 AM


Need feature to find photos not assigned to any album

We really need a feature to filter and find photos that are not assigned to any album. I just converted a 100,000+ photo library from Apple Photos to Lightroom CC. I then reorganized many of the folders (partly because I had deeply nested folders with long folder names that won't fit on the desktop column display on the left in Lightroom CC - that's actually the first problem, and a silly one at that). Anyway, during various moves and imports, I inevitably ran into problems where photos got orphaned, as they did not belong to any album. Right now, it's impossible to find them in a large library, and fixing this manually is a nightmare. Apple Photos supports creating smart folders that can filter by photos that are not in any album. This is a badly needed feature for Lightroom CC, too. 

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2 years ago

Use LR Classic. On the other hand you never should trust on any software when it comes to organize your photos.