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Mon, Mar 11, 2019 8:27 AM


More AI features

Sinse Sensei has all our photos, please consider doing much more than finding faces and odd objects. 

Sensei should be a huge help in culling, finding and offering to keep the best shots (feature tested on Lightroom Web, but forums are very quite about it, Offering to delete irrelevant photos, blurred photos, dublicates etc. It should offer to create stacks automatically on similar photos, offer to create panoramas and HDRs when it sees a series of viable photos.

And that's just the getting photos into the library part. After editing you want to share the photos, and AI sulutions are way past saving files and sending them somewhere. Web albums are great, but Sensei can do so much more. It could recognize faces and suggest sharing that particular set of photos with them, or it could recognize places, times of year, events, holidays, birthdays, concerts etc, and build temporary albums for you. 

The promise of having an AI assistant is so tempting, but there is no execution, apart from search.




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2 years ago

I'm sure that Adobe is aware of the potential of Sensei...

Johan W. Elzenga,