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Wed, Oct 25, 2017 4:02 AM


LR/CC loses keyword

When LR CC shows images that came from LR Classic (via a synced collection), only the bottom most keywords are attached to the image (the "enter" keyword).  This is an impossible situaiton.  Even given the hopefully temporary lack of keyword hierarchies, at a minimum it should show all "keywords that will export"  or the entire parent chain of Keywords.  

For example if I want to see cars (no, Sensei is not good enough for other reasons) but in my Classic hierarchy many images have the make or model as the enter keyword which in turn has "Car" as the parent.  So, all those images are missed when I select Keyword "Car" in CC


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3 years ago

I do not have a solution, but I have read many problems with CC 2018 that should have been caught by regression testing, how does Photoshop test their products befor release. Basic testing methods would have caught these problems - unacceptable.

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3 years ago

Keywords intentionally flatten between LrCC Classic and LrCC. And depending how they are applied, some won’t sync at all. Likewise they won’t sync back to Classic if applied in LrCC.