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Thu, Oct 19, 2017 11:40 PM


LR Mobile - Develop and Brush/Tool Presets and Actual History Sync

LR Mobile would be a lot more functional for professional users if it included a way to store Develop and Brush presets somewhere within the LR app, much like the way CC stores this in a system folder. Pro users need to leverage as much power and speed with available hardware and tools, currently I’m a user that has a 12.9” IPad Pro (2nd gen) and Pencil. I was hoping to do more Brush and preset work with my fashion images on the iPad whilst on location or even just in between office and shoots.

Due to the lack of such features within the mobile app, it doesn’t suit Pro users that have batch editing on large albums. Currently I find the mobile app useful enough for curating, tagging and showing final edits (which were done on desktop), using any of the editing tools in LR Mobile without my desktop develop and tool presets is time consuming. We can only hope that Adobe can bring such features with future updates, right now it feels like a fancy app for novices and semi pro users, but as a tool for commercial use it could be a lot better. The develop and tool presets are relatively small text files, so I find it hard to understand why (users adding their own to the app) doesn’t yet exist in LR Mobile?

Lastly the other thing on my list is the ‘History’ info that syncs, I would like to see the changes come through to the desktop as the edit change itself, not the phrase ‘From LR Mobile’ - for any level of user this tells them nothing about the actual edit they made using a mobile app. It would be great to see both LR Mobile and LR CC reflect actual History information, and for LR Mobile to have a History panel/or button to view full History at least. The ‘Undo’ button give users little to no information about their workflow as they edit images, and to most Power and pro users this is probably the most valuable thing to have and see throughout the editing phase.

All in all, the app is great for lightweight work but not so much batch editing, and the app has come a long way since the first version. However I imagine that many other commercial users may find that it lacks certain features that could make it a really useful tool out in the field. Looking forward to Adobe’s response, whether it be by an update or a comment.

Yours truly,

Just another photographer.


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3 years ago

Yes I agree, develop presets are a must. I thought they would have been there on the new iOS version..!