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Fri, Jun 29, 2018 4:14 AM

Logging and and out

Why do I have to log out of my laptop to log into my iMac with Lightroom CC?  It's a cloud-based solution, I pay to have 5TB of storage, I want that storage to be constantly synching on my laptop and desktop computers and not to have to log in and out and spend so much time having one or the other sync up...




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3 years ago

You can have 2 desktop/laptop computers plus as many mobile devices as you like activated at any one time, so why are you having to log in and out? Are you getting some kind of error message?

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3 years ago

There have been some recent changes to the log in process which should have necessitated a one-time log in on each device. If you are seeing more than that then there is another issue. 
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3 years ago

We are aware of the 2 desktop activation limit and how it doesn't make sense in a services world. We are working on a solution to remove this limitation.