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Thu, Oct 26, 2017 4:47 PM


Lightroom: Viewing photos in shared album on web should have right bar hidden when tapping once

When using a mobile browser to view photos in a shared album on Lightroom Web (not in slideshow mode but single photo mode after selecting a photo), there are two bars - one on the right and one on the bottom.  The bar on the right has the "x", download button, etc. and the bottom bar has comment button, like button, etc.  When tapping the photo once, the bottom bar disappears but the bar on the right remains.  I think the right bar should be hidden as well as per regular mobile site functionality as the intent of the single tap is to view the picture full screen.


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2 y ago

There is a related problem in shared albums on iOS iPad format (Safari for iOS) that the right side bar actually crops a small but often critical portion of a wide image. This is a (very unpleasant) bug which would be irrelevant if the right bar would disappear in a full screen view as this Idea suggests. This bug does not occur in Safari for MacOS.