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Mon, Dec 3, 2018 11:10 PM

Lightroom: The photo failed to load

I've had 3 instances where my synced, edited photos have simply gone missing. The thumbnail appears, but when I open the photo it only has thumbnail resolution, a red exclamation mark, and the text "The photo failed to load." 

I've uninstalled, reinstalled, signed in-out, checked, and chatted with support. The Adobe support staff simply tells me that the photo is now corrupt.

How am I supposed to rely on this service if it erroneously erases my photos? This is my profession and I've now lost hundreds of photos.


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2 years ago

Hi Greg,

Don't know if it's similar or can help, but I've had a sync issue too:

luckily, I do not rely on the cloud for sotring my pictures (I still use Classic).
Don't you had a local backup of your images? I've heard LR Classic was able to keep a local copy of the files.

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2 years ago


This sounds really odd. Where are you uploading the images? Mobile? Web? Desktop? 

Would it be possible to toss a few of those failed photos into a special Album named Lightroom Troubleshooting and let us know when it is done?

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