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Mon, Mar 12, 2018 1:24 PM


Lightroom: Simplify and clarify the branding

I really love the new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (1.2).  I am an photography enthusiast and have always wanted Lightroom; but could never justify to myself (or my wife) the investment.  This offering makes all the sense in the world to me and I am now a happy Lightroom user.

The branding, however, is a real challenge. 

The Adobe website does not make it easy to decide which product is appropriate for me.  It took me several days of visiting the Adobe site and googling for help on other forums before I understood what products were being offered and how they were different.  Even then, the actual buying process still confused me. 

The product names are not sufficiently descriptive and differentiated.   Search engines do not seem to know the difference between the cloud-based and "classic" products.  Searching for an answer, I am usually routed to information on Lightroom Classic CC, when I want the cloud based product.  I have tried including the full name of the product and version number; but this almost never changes the results.

We have all heard the story of Steve Jobs returning to Apple and reviewing the dozens of Mac products being offered.  He went to a board and drew a four-square box:  Desktop / Laptop (rows) and Consumer / Pro (columns).  Four basic product.  Adobe should really give some thought to bringing this type of clarity to these overlapping product lines.


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3 years ago

Completely agree.  Very difficult to keep track of it all.  Solving this problem would increase your market I think

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3 years ago

Yes, totally agree. Obviously, everything is done to complexify the offer and lose the customer .
The offer is totally non understandable for human being. Even after choosing an offer after days of trying to undertstand, I have to change it, because of LR C limitation.
Even now I'm absolutely not able to understand If I can use Lightroom CC and share in cloud my pictures. It seems to be able to synchronies if I create an album.
What not explain and let power user with Lightroom classic and with ability to use iPad too
And family user using Lightroom CC

Why things are such complicated? And such expensive?

Please explain 

Go for C1, succeed your cloud by yourself 

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3 years ago

It's not too late to correct this, Adobe. Rename the Cloud version and give the historic name back to the original owner. LightRoom should be all we have to say to indicate the product we have always called LightRoom.

There is more time ahead of us than behind us on this issue. Please let the mistake be a short one.