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Thu, Jan 18, 2018 5:29 PM


Lightroom: Provide a curated preset market

The power of presets to save time and improve the editing experience is gaming changing. There are SOOO many ways to get presets and many times it involves an ancient download and drag and drop into a folder restarting Lightroom etc.. I propose that Adobe take a page from the VSCO playbook and introduce a curated / moderated official Adobe Preset Market. SImilar to Typekit I would envision this functionality to store the presets in the cloud to be leveraged by any compatible Adobe program. This would allow it to be used on Mobile and Desktop. Outside of the “official” preset packages, Adobe could allow personal preset folders that behave like they do today, except they are stored in the cloud (possibly stored temporarily in a local folder and synced every time you open for working offline.)To me this opens a world of possibilities, 1 .We have the same creative power we have today, but available on mobile, finally2. Adobe gets another revenue stream by hosting a typekit-style storefront for presetsFuture possibilities after the MVP..1. A “featured” artist section that discusses editing / style with example images2. Ability to “preview” on local images3. Community Page on instagram showcasing featured posts4. Convert preset to LUT for Video editingPossibilities are endless.




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Have you visited Adobe Exchange?