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Tue, Feb 19, 2019 10:53 AM

Lightroom: Preset not synchronized between LR CC, LR Web and LR Mobile


I mentioned in my last post about synchronization issues with LR CC ( but managed to get the photos-part more or less resolved.

I am now stuck with the preset synchronization:
Some time ago, I installed a lot of the VSCO presets (on the Desktop App) but have since deleted them. The problem is, they have not been deleted from the cloud, or at least not completely.

The strange thing is; I have different presets on the webapp, LR CC (Desktop) and LR Mobile:


mobile (extract):


(All presets have been "unhidden" and all devices are done syncing)

I guess my question would be: How do I "clean" whatever is on my cloud atm and force them to resync between all devices. I want them to be as on the LR CC desktop app.


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2 years ago

Cleaning up of presets is accomplished only through the Lightroom CC Desktop App. There is no mechanism within device apps or the cloud to accomplish this. 
  1. Make sure the Lightroom CC app on your desktop is version 2.2
  2. Verify that each device is logged into the same Adobe ID as your desktop is
  3. Allow all presets to sync from all devices to the cloud
  4. Allow all presets to sync from the cloud to the Desktop Application.
  5. Allow syncing to complete on all devices both up and down (Verify by checking the cloud icon)
  6. Within the Lightroom CC desktop app, delete the presets you no longer want.
  7. Allow Deletions to sync with the cloud and subsequently to your devices.
Note: If you've previously followed a manual deleting strategy via the OS File Manager, you may need to reinstall those presets to clean things up again. 

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Hi Rikk and thanks for following up.

Everything is "synced" since no synchronizing takes place in whatever platform I am. 
It's possible that I manually deleted some of the presets in the file manager and therefore mixed up the synchronizing feature. But nevertheless, it should be possible somehow to "clean" what is stored in the cloud. 

The problem is, whenever I re-copy the presets into my presets folder (via normal file manager, not "importing") - the get resynced but then appear twice on my ipad-app.

I would be fine if someone could "manually" delete all the presets in the cloud since I have all the necessary backups to reupload.

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a year ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Online management of presets (mass deleting).

I would like to repost a problem that is still unresolved despite multiple threads and problem-reports pointing to it (e.g.[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=20033235#reply_20033235)

On the webinterface of, I currently can't edit photos because whenever I push the "Edit this photo" button, it tries to load presets for minutes. This is probably due to the fact that I have a few hundred old and unsynced VSCO-presets that are stuck in my creative cloud. They are NOT shown on Lightroom CC (desktop),  but I can see them in my mobile apps (Web, iPad and iPhone). Deleting presets from iphone or ipad is very unpractical as you can't multi-select.

PLEASE add an option for mass deleting (e.g. mass selection and then grouped deleting) on the mobile apps or on the web-interface.