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Thu, Apr 2, 2020 5:24 AM

Lightroom Mobile (iPadOS): Date of original raw file changed when exporting

I have noticed that Lightroom iPadOS will change the date of RAW file when exporting them (using "Export to Files" options file type "Original"), and the date of creation and date of last modified will both become the date/time I last modified this picture in Lightroom, which both SHOULD BE the date/time I took this picture since Lightroom is not supposed to touch RAW files.

This only happens when I import RAW files directly to my iPad (and wherever I export them, the date is wrong). If I import RAW files on Mac,  wait it to sync, and export on my iPad, the date is CORRECT. But if I import RAW files on iPad, wait it to sync, and then export on my Mac, the date is WRONG.


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1 y ago

Let's take the Mac out of the equation. If you import on your iPad, and then Export on your iPad is the date correct?